Check your ego at the door

While many startups and entrepreneurs are tackling changed market conditions due to COVID-19, startup leadership is being tested. In this interview, serial entrepreneur, Stacey Fisher, shares how she is managing the market downturn while pivoting her business and forging ahead with international expansion plans.

Rights are necessary, but not sufficient – Lydia X. Z. Brown highlights need for disability justice

Lydia X. Z. Brown is a renowned disability justice advocate, organiser, educator, attorney, strategist, and writer. They believe in the need for communities, governments, and individuals to re-assess the way “power over” or “power against” certain groups of people, including people with disabilities, is gained and sustained. Their work and experiences with disability justice urge people to consider ableism – discrimination against people with disabilities – as more than a disability rights issue.

Now, more than ever, we should be better listening to young people – Yasmin Poole

Yasmin Poole is passionate about being and empowering the voice of Gen Z to be heard in parliament. In this interview, she shares why age diversity at the leadership level matters, and how governments and societies can benefit from involving young people in policy development.

Makeup does not have a gender

Lisa Mitrov has been a makeup artist for a decade and is frustrated with seeing the same challenges over and over again – limited options for people of colour, stereotyped products based on gender, and stigmas influencing who should and shouldn’t use makeup. In 2020, Lisa believes makeup should be gender neutral, and it’s time the industry caught up with where society wants it to be.

How to change cultural representation in film

Rupanty Akid is an actress performing on screen in both Australia and Bangladesh, and has experienced first-hand how the industry prioritises people of certain ‘looks’. In this interview, she shares how those experiences have shaped her perspective and approach to working in the industry, as well as how she’s seen the power of audience demand in being able to spark change on issues like representation and diversity.

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