Why it’s time to end factory farming

If you don’t know the definitions of factory farming, sustainable farming, ethical farming or organic farming, or how they differ from each other, you’re not alone, according to recent research by Frontier Pets Founder, Diana Scott. In this interview, Diana shares her vision for ending Factory Farming, and explains why this should be a shared goal among all Australians.

The role of social workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

A guest post from the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) National President, Christine Craik.

Our mental health system must reflect the great cultural and linguistic diversity of the Australian population

In Australia, people from a CALD background have a significantly lower level of access to mental health care and support in the wider community, with many not seeking help or support. Following his recent appointment as Multicultural Mental Health Ambassador for the Northern Territory, Mathews David shares his views on the value and role of mental health programs and policies for CALD communities.

Ethnicity should be portrayed in its entirety, not just for commercial benefits

Aarti Bajaj is the creative director of groundbreaking production company, Wild Dreamer Productions. Bajaj recently rejected the words “white” and “brown” on the set of her major stage production, believing the terms to inhibit inclusiveness and diversity. She said her aim is to offer actors, dancers, singers and composers a platform to showcase their talent, without being hindered by their ethnicity. In this interview, Bajaj shares experiences from her career in production, and her views on the representation of ethnicity on screen.

Young people’s needs aren’t new, they’ve been overlooked for years

Youth Advocate, Jahin Tanvir, believes the pandemic has seen young people’s needs and concerns largely overlooked, and there is a growing need to effectively engage with today’s youth so they are empowered to withstand the current challenges and uncertainty. With recent research highlighting how rarely young people are quoted in media, despite the growing volume of issues directly impacting today’s youth, Tanvir encourages young people to continue using their voices to drive the changes they want to see in society.

Climate anxiety and grief are healthy feelings which can form a basis for action

Young people are particularly experiencing real stress and anxiety around climate change, with four in five Australian students recently reporting they are very anxious, and one in five saying they would not or have fewer children because of climate change. In this interview, Dr Sally Gillespie outlines how she has applied her studies and experiences with Jungian psychology to help others and publish a book on climate consciousness.

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