Pivoting during the pandemic – Carley Johnson

After over a decade for working for large fashion brands, Carley Johnson took the leap into the starting her own business, Unzipped in February, 2020. While the early days of any business has challenges, noone could have predicted the added complications of COVID-19 on the business world. Carley shares why she started Unzipped, and how she’s pivoted the business during the pandemic.

Joanna founded Trace to remove 105,000 tonnes of CO2

Companies like Apple and CouriersPlease are making bold statements about their goals and accomplishments on reaching for carbon neutrality and off-setting their carbon emissions. But how can everyday consumers, like you and I, ensure that we’re also off-setting our carbon footprint at an individual level?

How Sall Grover pushed through the backlash to build Giggle for girls and women

The pandemic has highlighted – yet again – the importance of supporting and empowering women, and the real financial risks to excluding women from economic recovery plans. In this interview, Sall Grover outlines why she built a community, Giggle, specifically with the goal to connect and empower women and girls through all aspects of their life.

Connecting consumers with sustainable product to transform local food systems – Emma-Kate Rose

Intensive farming has detrimental impacts on Australia’s land and ecological communities. With farming now covering 58% of Australia and accounting for 59% of water extracted, researchers are encouraging more sustainable and regenerative forms of farming and produce development, which is proven to not only be better for the environment but also for profitability.

How Yemi Penn bent her own reality

As well as being an engineer, gym owner and author, Yemi Penn is a business coach and is passionate about helping others become their authentic self. In this interview, she shares why she is passionate about empowering and supporting others who are focusing on what they ‘should’ do, and how she is setting out to change the stat that one in three people are unhappy with where they are in life. She also shares her views on diversity and inclusion, and how her experiences as a woman of colour have impacted her approach to business today.

From loathing chemistry to completing a PhD in environmental geochemistry – Silvana Santomartino

Women account for less than 30% of global researcher roles and, despite an increased need in scientists’ expertise during the pandemic, female scientists have been quoted significantly less often than male scientists. In this interview, Founding Director or PSK Environmental, Silvana Santomartino, shares how she became interested in environmental science and established her own business.

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