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An echo chamber is an environment where an individual only hears information and perspectives that is common; a closed system that offers no variety in opinons.

We are surrounded by echo chambers, and not just on social media where our opinions are often reinforced by friends and family.

Traditional media is contributing to a different type of echo chamber, where concepts like trust, power, influence and expertise are repeatedly associated with a certain look, culture, or gender (plenty of stats here, here and here).


If you’re tired of seeing the same types of people on TV, the same faces in the newspapers, and the same ideas on your social media feeds, Echo Chamber Escape was made for you.

Echo Chamber Escape is a diversity-first publication that covers interviews, opinion pieces and features with those who are not regarded as ‘Majority’. We talk with them, and not over them about mainstream issues and what their diverse perspectives need you to hear.

We talk to professionals of various CALD backgrounds, women in STEM, people with disabilities, Aboriginal and indigenous people, just to name A FEW.


Storytelling is powerful. We know that the bigger the platform someone has to share their story publicly, the more influence, power and respect that person is likely to generate.

Echo Chamber Escape aims to:

  1. Prove to mainstream media that sourcing diverse views is smart business
  2. Prove to readers that consuming diverse views is valuable
  3. Prove to experts of all backgrounds that their voices matter

If you’d like to be featured or know someone who’s views and opinions deserve a platform, let us know via contact@echochamberescape.com

We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land in which we work and learn, and pay respects to their elders, past, present and future.

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